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Bible-Based Fellowship Church In Tampa Offers Covid Vaccinations

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We all sheltered in because of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 only to wake up in a world of turmoil in 2021 with the question of whether you should vaccinate against the potentially fatal virus or not.  The world opened back up, the mask mandates came down however the COVID-19 Delta Variant is sweeping across the world even more contagious and relentless on peoples health.  This time it is attacking our children in numbers that we didn’t see at the beginning of the pandemic and our hospitals once again don’t have any room in the inn.  Yet people are still refusing to wear masks and more importantly don’t want to take a vaccination that maybe won’t keep you from getting COVID but will potentially save your life.  Companies are starting to mandate vaccinations, however anti-vaxers are sticking to their guns refusing to take a vaccination some quitting their jobs claiming that they don’t know whats in it, even though folks are putting all kinds of stuff in their body that they don’t what it is, such as Tylenol, hair relaxers, let’s not forget those vaccines you got as a child as well as the ones you got to travel.  And for the ones that think that a tracker is being placed in them, didn’t you realize the government doesn’t need to do that because your cell phone is attached to your hip along with its GPS.

However we digressed…To vaccinate or not too is your choice and should be respected but people need to realize that you can’t put Pandora back in its box, meaning that one you get COVID-19 you can’t change your mind or save your family from heartbreak and irreversible suffering.  Unfortunately for a pediatric nurse in Tampa who gave her life everyday to save others she never thought that refusing to vaccinate would harm her own.

38 year old Nikki Bass mother of 3 life literally revolved around children, not just her own but the one’s she helped nurse back to health in Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida.  With COVID-19 cases rising, Nikki Bass’s children think that a child that coughed in her face at work gave her COVID-19, which she brought home and gave to her family.  Nurse Nikki, as she was affectionately known as, family recovered however she was place on a ventilator and passed away.  Her children now are sharing their story and asking that people please vaccinate.

Just a heartbreaking story.

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