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Chicago Public Beaches Open For First Time Since 2019

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Nikkita Brown was walking her dog along the lakefront early Saturday morning at North Avenue Beach in the city’s Lincoln Park neighborhood when she was approached then man handled, by a Chicago Police Officer, for what Nikkita Brown feels, because she was walking her dog while black.

According to Nikkita Brown’s attorney a CPD officer approached Ms. Brown and told her to leave because the beach was closed, although according to Nikkita Brown their were others out there doing the same as she unbothered. That’s when the officer decided to lay hands on Ms. Brown. During the whole altercation from beginning to end Ms. Brown was already leaving the park. She went home end immediately called 911 and thank God it was all caught on smile your pn viral camera.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot had this to say about the incident via Twitter:

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