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by Jeremy Rogalski / 11 News Defenders

HOUSTON—If a bank robber had an epiphany and called police to confess he just robbed a bank, it stands to reason there would be a quick arrest.

But in the case of a Houston man who confessed to sexually molesting two girls, including his own daughter, there was no speedy arrest. There was only anger and confusion from the victims’ relatives.

There was also outrage from child advocates, who called the case the tip of a troubling iceberg. They believe the justice system treats sexual assaults of children far less seriously than other “equal” crimes on Texas law books—crimes like aggravated robbery, kidnapping and even murder.

But even more troubling to those advocates is how slow police processing leaves possible pedophiles on the street, awaiting arrest and possibly offending again.

For example, last June, a woman went on her husband’s computer and saw child pornography being downloaded.

(Note: 11 News has chosen not to reveal the identities of the parents or the suspect, as that may reveal the abuse victims’ identities by association.)

“My world turned upside down,” said the woman.

But it was about to get worse, because she said she asked her husband if he had done anything more.

“And he said yes, he said that he had touched our daughter,” she said. But she said he also claimed it had been a fully clothed molestation.

Scared and confused, the mother took her kids and left him, uncertain if she should tell anyone. Then, a few months later, Christmas came around. The estranged husband was staying at the home of long-time family friends. They, too, had a 9-year-old daughter.

“She said, ‘Mom I’ve got to tell you something,’” the girl’s mother said. “Something happened in the middle of the night.”

Their daughter remembered the man crawling into her bed and taking off his pants.


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