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DaBaby is once again in the news for an incident that doesn’t really deal with his music. The “Kirk” rapper caught a felony battery charge over an alleged attack at his music video shoot.

A man claims he caught a fade in late 2021 in Los Angeles when he tried to stop a video shoot from happening on his property. Was he not getting pair of something?

Reports TMZ:

The rapper has been charged with felony battery by the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office … over an incident from early December last year … which allegedly left a guy, Gary Pagar, with serious injuries.

There’s another man named Thankgod Awute who’s being charged as well. Prosecutors claim he was DaBaby’s cohort in crime … they hit him with felony robbery.

Pagar filed a lawsuit in February, claiming he was attacked for enforcing basic property rental rules at his place.

The guy felt that DaBaby and his crew were just going to kick it. However, the video shoot meant more people, and he wasn’t trying to have it. And that’s where his struggle properly kicked off. 

Considering DaBaby’s assortment incidents, Pagar welcomed the L the moment he agreed to rent out the crib. Just saying.

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