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Antionne Brodnax, better known as “Bugzie the Don” was sentenced to five months after pleading guilty to four different misdemeanor charges. What did he do and how did he get caught, you ask? On January 6, 2021, Brodnax decided to photograph himself smoking on top of a vehicle right outside the capitol. He used the photo as an album cover, and titled it “The Capital”, he was caught right after this. Due to his legal history which includes felony convictions in Maryland and Virginia, and also a felony possession of a firearm and controlled substance, prosecutors pushed for a minimum of 21 months served.

The Justice Department advocated for Brodnax to spend a longer sentence for deleting evidence of the riot off of his phone after promising to share evidence with the FBI. Because of his “great community asset”, Brodnax’s attorney, Mary Maguire persuaded jurors that he is a good man who is an entrepreneur with his own clothing line and record label. She also stated that Brodnax does great things for the community, and in return should not receive maximum penalties. However, it was brought to the court’s attention that Brodnax was currently on probation for another crime when he entered the Capitol.

U.S. District Judge Paul Friedman emphasized his concern about the consequences of cutting Brodnax slack. He decided the best thing to do was to sentence Antoionne Brodnax to five months in prison followed by a year of supervision after his release.

Do you think Antionne received the consequences he deserved?



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