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A national Adderall shortage highlighted that the stimulant isn’t the only prescribed drug becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. A new report reveals that along with Adderall, other drugs are also seeing a lower supply in contrast to the demand.

The Associated Press published a report on Monday (May 1) that pointed back to an earlier announcement made last year by the FDA that an Adderall shortage was underway. The drug is chiefly used to address the needs of ADHD and narcolepsy patients.

On FDA’s website, a database dedicated to drug shortages is continually updated as manufacturers look to fulfill the demand. The AP’s report adds that while generic versions of drugs undergo shortages, manufacturers are less incentivized to produce the prescription drugs as they don’t yield companies a significant profit.

For those dealing with ADHD, some regions have not felt the same pinch although the delayed-release versions of ADHD drugs remain the most sought after. Beyond Adderall, the diabetes drug Ozempic underwent a shortage. While the drug has a noted function, some doctors prescribe Ozempic to address weight loss. However, a spokesperson for Ozempic says the supply has been fortified.

During the height of the pandemic, Adderall demand shut up and the pathway of getting the drugs to patients took a turn when regulators allowed doctors to prescribe versions of the drug without seeing the patient first, bypassing what normally took place.

As the AP concludes in its reporting, shortages will remain in place as several in-demand drugs are not high on the priority list to produce by companies due to the weaker profits.

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