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As many of us can relate, going through a breakup can be hard to handle. Our girl Amanda Seales knows that feeling all too well at the moment as she’s currently going through one herself.

Or is she?

On today’s segment of “I Be Knowin’,” we’re exploring the conversation around when it’s a good time to officially stop saying that you’re “going through” it. But first, take a look below at what Amanda had to say about another interesting aspect when it comes to dating.



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Much like determining when to put a pause on saying “Happy New Year,” Seales gives some interesting insight when it comes to putting a timeframe on the right amount of mental energy worth dedicating to the end of a romantic relationship. Amanda’s cure for a cracked heart was building self confidence through experience. She used the strength gained after having a breakdown in 2020 to make this breakup fell less “Why me?” and more “What’s next?”


Get some helpful relationship advice from Amanda Seales on this week’s “I Be Knowin’” below:


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