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Target Responds To TikTok Post Exposing Sketchy TV Sale Prices


Black Friday has come and gone, but Target is being called out after a viral TikTok exposed some alleged sale price shenanigans going on.

Spotted on TMZ, Target has responded to a viral TikTok post of Gen Z’ers targeting Black Friday sale signage only to reveal that the alleged sale price is exactly the same as the product’s regular price, suggesting the retail chain is out here hoodwinking and bamboozling customers.

One video making its rounds on X, formerly known as Twitter, features a woman pulling back the Black Friday deals signage claiming a Samsung TV $649.99 is a sale price only to show it cost the same before the “shopping holiday.”

Target’s Explanation For The Sketchy Signage

A spokesperson for Target responded to the viral posts, suggesting the post is pretty much a nothingburger and the television in question was on sale as part of Target’s early Black Friday deals.

Per TMZ:

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