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Biggie & Tupac Fingerprint Cards

Source: Moments In Time / Moments In Time

Any kind of memorabilia that was personally signed by the likes of Tupac Shakur or The Notorious B.I.G. is as scarce as they come. So you can bet that when something like that hits the auction block, it’s going to fetch a pretty penny from somebody with deep pockets.

Biggie & Tupac Fingerprint Cards

Source: Moments In Time / Moments In Time

According to TMZ, such items have just become available to whoever got a quarter mil to spare as have posted the finger print cards that both Tupac and Biggie had to fill out and sign when they were taken into police custody back in the day. With the asking price at a staggering $225,000 per card, you can bet that whoever ends up purchasing either one of these joints (or both) probably has money to burn.

Our money’s on Jay-Z buying Big’s finger print card while Jada Pinkett Smith will end up copping Tupac’s joint and displaying it somewhere that Will Smith has to walk past every single day. Just sayin’.

TMZ reports:

Check it out … Tupac’s fingerprint docs — which list him under his real name, Lesane Parish Crooks — stem from his 1995 arrest … for which he served 9 months of his 1.5-year sentence after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a female fan named Ayanna Jackson.

Meanwhile, Biggie also makes history with his arrest fingerprint docs … the first-ever piece you can snag of him signing off by his real name, Christopher Wallace.

With the ’95 arrest season in full swing, Biggie was also booked then for a robbery and aggravated assault charge in Pennsylvania … but the robbery charges were later dismissed.

You have to wonder how someone was able to get access to these joints. Either way, someone’s about to get paid big time.

Who do you think might end up dropping a half a million on these joints? Would you cop if you had it like that? Let us know in the comments section below.

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