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For the husband whose wife who is also a mom, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to show some extra appreciation to the woman in your life. She’s not your mom, but she’s a mom and she’s yours. So here are some ideas to help you cherish her—ten solid tips for cherishing your wife, both on Mother’s Day and all year long.

1. Value her opinion. When there’s a decision to make or a problem to solve, ask for her outlook first. Of all the people who are invested in your life—who know you and care about the things that matter to you, she tops the list. So give her the chance to weigh in on the important choices you’re making and to help answer the key questions you’re facing.

2. Compliment her. Tell her why you appreciate her, why you’re glad you married her, why you’re proud of the woman she has become. Assume that she doesn’t hear these things from you enough, so make a habit of saying them as often as you can.

3. Put her in her place. The best place, that is. Of all the people and things that belong somewhere on the pedestals of your life, your spouse deserves the Number One spot. She’s next in line after God Himself—have you given her that honor? Do you put forth more effort for her than for your work responsibilities, your community standing, your parenting, your hobbies, your toys?

4. Take notes. Keep a list somewhere—in your wallet, at your work station, in your underwear drawer—of 3 or 4 things that are significant in your wife’s life. Maybe the list includes a belief, a person, or a cause that particularly grips her heart. Or maybe it mentions something that makes her feel beautiful, gives her security, makes her laugh. Whatever’s on the list, do your best to value and provide those things for the woman you love.

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