HOUSTON — An escaped Texas Department of Criminal Justice inmate was on the run for almost a full week before he was captured on Monday, KPRC Local 2 reported. U.S. Marshals said Arcade Joseph Comeaux Jr., 49, was taken into custody in Houston at about 8 a.m. Details about the capture have not yet been released.Comeaux escaped while being transferred from the Estelle Unit in Huntsville to the Stiles Unit in Beaumont on Nov. 30.Comeaux was shackled and seated in a wheelchair inside a van during the transfer. He has been using a wheelchair for at least 10 years, officials said, and requested one for the transfer.”He said he had paralysis on the left side of his body,” said Jason Clark of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.Comeaux was the only inmate in the van.Investigators said Comeaux pulled out a gun and hijacked the van in Montgomery County. He allegedly fired a shot at the guards. The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office has filed warrants for his arrest.Officials said Comeaux had the officers stop in Baytown, where he escaped with four guns, including a 12-gauge shotgun and two pistols.Comeaux was wearing one of the officers’ gray correctional uniforms and black boots as he walked off, leaving the wheelchair behind.Comeaux is serving a life sentence for indecency with a child in Harris County, aggravated sexual assault in Brazos County and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Fort Bend County.

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