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What He Means When He Wants A “Break”

By Hello Beautiful December 8, 2009 12:20 pm


One brave male blogger discloses the secret message behind that dreaded phrase, “I want a break.”

If you love someone, you enjoy being around them and you would never think of being apart. If you need a “break” to “figure out” your feelings, chances are your feelings are not that strong. There’s a difference between “breaking up,” and “a break.” “A break” indicates the relationship is off temporarily with the possibility of getting back together. “Breaking up” is a definite ending with no indication that you will ever get back together again. Therefore, a “break” is more unfair than “breaking up” because it’s less clear.

Here are a few possibilities of what it really means:


Some guys are too chicken to break up in one shot. So, they do it in pieces. He might want you to take the hint when he doesn’t call and disappears during a break. Even if you get through it and date again, he may have attained his goal by planting a seed – hinting at a real breakup down the line.


The easiest way for a guy to keep his girlfriend, while giving in to that meaningless temptation of being with another, is to get it out of his system while on a break. And if he doesn’t have someone else specific in mind, he may just want the freedom to hook up with other people, in general.


If he doesn’t specifically say he’s “breaking up with you,” then you still have hope, don’t you? Not necessarily. He leaves this opening on purpose because he wants to return to you after he’s done whatever he had to do. But a woman doesn’t know what he’s up to, and maybe he’s never coming back at all. Hoping for his return prevents her from moving on.


“Figuring out if you’re meant for one another” might simply mean they want to date other people to see if there’s someone better out there than you. (From Shine.Yahoo)

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