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While there are few solid details out there about one of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses, porn actress Holly Sampson, there is this video from May where she brags about supposedly sleeping with the golfer.

The porn star hosted a live chat on Naughty America’s Live With Laura on May 29, where she claims that she “f–ked Tiger Woods.”

That’s quite a change from the “no comment” she gave when recently asked.

So how did this supposedly go down? Holly articulately explains:

“Well, a friend of mine, Brent Bolthouse, he used to be a friend of mine, and he was good friends with one of Tiger Woods’ assistants. So me and my girlfriends were at a bachelor party for Tiger, and it was amazing. And then he picked me to go in the room…I have to say, he was really good.”

Sampson says she had oral sex with Woods and that “he’d probably die to know that I was telling this on the Internet.”

Good thing she decided to share it with the whole world seven months ago, then. What is it with these fame whores?

But unlike Tiger’s other reported mistress Jamie Grubbs, she says he used condoms “like a good boy.”

“His teeth are perfect, and he’s, like, the perfect gentleman.”

It’s amazing how nonchalant this blonde is. She even started laughing about Woods’ Swedish wife in the clip. What do you guys think, is Holly classy or what?

Jeez, looks like Tigergate is here to stay for a while.