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First Look: CBS Reboots ‘Hawaii Five-O’

By Lizbeth Scordo | Thursday, May 20, 2010, 2:33 PM


The cast of the new “Hawaii Five-O”
CBS/Mario Perez

Hawaii is hip again. First we saw the resurgence of tiki lounges, enabling a whole new generation to sip colorful cocktails surrounded by wood-carved décor. And now the trend is coming to a TV near you thanks to CBS’ remake of the classic island detective series “Hawaii Five-O.”


Aussie Alex O’Loughlin (“Moonlight“) will play lead Detective Steve McGarrett, a cop who goes home to Oahu to solve his father’s murder and ends up staying after Hawaii’s governor offers him the chance to head up a team of detectives on his terms. Daniel Dae Kim (“Lost“) heads back to Hawaii to costar as Chin Ho Kelly, the wrongly accused former protégé of McGarrett’s dad, and Scott Caan (“Ocean’s Eleven”) stars as Detective Danny “Book ’em Danno” Williams.


The first “Hawaii Five-O,” which had a similar storyline, starred Jack Lord as McGarrett, Kam Fong as Kelly, James MacArthur as Williams, and Richard Denning as the governor. They must have been doing something right, as the series, which first aired in 1968, ran all the way until 1980.


New York Magazine is already criticizing the new show’s modernized new theme song (compare the two below), but only time will tell if the updated version can fill the flip-flops of the original.


Check out the new title sequence and song: