The Texans removed any suspense from Sunday’s game in Seattle by scoring a team-record 17 points in the first quarter and coasting to a 34-7 victory over the Seahawks at Reliant Stadium.

Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson torched the Seahawks early and often to help the Texans break their four-game losing streak and elevate their record to 6-7.

The Texans scored on their first four possessions, and if Kris Brown could have kicked a field goal that was blocked another that was missed they would have led to another six points.

As it was, the Texans led 24-7 at halftime. Schaub was 24-of-28 for 336 yards and two touchdowns. Johnson had 10 catches for 184 yards and two touchdowns.

In the first half!

In the second half, Schaub and Johnson took it easy, and the defense took over. The only touchdown came on Bernard Pollard’s third interception of the season. He went 70 yards for a third-quarter touchdown.

Schaub finished with 29-of-39 for 365 yards. Johnson finished with 11 catches for 193 yards.

Schaub threw one interception, and it came in the second half when Johnson slipped, and Marcus Trufant stepped up to pick off the pass.

You just knew this would be the Texans’ day when Schaub and Johnson collaborated on a 64-yard touchdown on the first play of the game.

A lot of good things happened on both sides of the ball. I don’t know about you, but I was impressed with rookie running back Arian Foster. He carried 13 times for 34 yards, but he caught four passes for 54 yards. He ran over a couple of Seahawks, too. The problem is that the backs had little room to run, as always.

This game belonged to the defense as much as it did the offense. The Texans limited the Sehawks to 109 yards in the first half and 178 through three quarters.

The Texans have the ball with two minutes left. The Seahawks have 277 yards, including 57 rushing, and 13 first downs.

The Texans finished with 450 yards, Seattle 282.

The Texans did what they had to do against a team with a two-game winning streak. They won and they won convincingly. Next up is a trip to St. Louis.


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