HOUSTON—It’s graduation season, and the Class of 2010 — with freshly inked diplomas in hand—is looking for work.  Some of them can expect pretty hefty paychecks right out of college. Below is the site’s list of Top 10 Most Profitable College Majors.

Ten most profitable majors:

1. Engineering. This includes (in order of highest first-year salaries) aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, environmental engineering and civil engineering. Instead of making a list where seven of the 10 highest paying careers are in engineering, they are rolled into one mention.

Average first year salary: $59,000. Average mid-career salary: $101,000.

2. Economics. A pretty ubiquitous myth is that economics is all statistics and math. The fact is, they also study a wide range of topics, including social science, psychology, political science and history. Economists are needed to create public policy—domestically and internationally.

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