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Feeling lazy? Perfect! Now is an ideal time to try these eight crazy-easy tricks proven to improve health, mood, memory and more.

1. NAP

Our ability to learn drops by about 10 percent between the hours of noon and 6 P.M., but taking a midday snooze helped study participants reverse that decline. Study author Bryce Mander, Ph.D., says, “We believe napping may allow us to consolidate what we’ve learned.”

Limit naps to 45 minutes and avoid dozing after 4 P.M. so you don’t have trouble drifting off come bedtime. “If we haven’t slept enough at night, it can take us twice as long to do things the next day, particularly when it comes to complex thinking and information processing,” Mander explains.


Ocean waves, wind and sunlight break apart air molecules and create negatively-charged ions that can improve your mood. “Negative ions cling to dust in the air, making the particles heavier so they drop toward the ground, leaving the air you breathe in more oxygen-rich,” says Namni Goel, Ph.D.

Outdoor air usually contains more negative ions than the stuff we breathe inside, so savor them whenever you can by going for a walk or jog outside or simply throwing open a window.


That ice-cold brew at happy hour doesn’t only strengthen your resolve to chat up the cute guy at the bar; it may also make your skeleton stronger. “Beer contains silicon, and the female hormone estrogen may act with silicon to help prevent bone loss in women, says Ravin Jugdaohsingh, Ph.D.

Brews derived from malted barley tend to contain more silicon than those that are wheat-based. But stick to one a day or you’ll cancel out any health benefits.


Feeling guilty for skipping the gym this morning? Laugh it off. “Repetitive mirthful laughter causes a physiological response that’s similar to the effects of moderate exercise,” says Lee S. Berk, Dr.P.H. “Like exercise, laughing lowers the levels of cholesterol and stress hormones that suppress immunity,” Berk says.

Whether you’re a quiet chuckler or a raucous knee slapper, the benefits of laughing are the same. So find what tickles your funny bone and set aside 20 to 30 minutes throughout the day to crack up. SEE THE REST HERE!

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