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The “It” factor.  Do you have it? The “It” factor is that special something that a person has that makes other people want to pay attention to them. It is that je ne sais quois.  It is that something that makes others believe that you are indeed special, unique, talented etc… The “It” factor is something that most assume all entertainers, singers, rappers etc possesses and that might be true. In which case, one could stand to argue that if every entertainer has the “It” factor then why is it that certain ones proceed to shine and garner more attention than others? Could it simply be explained by saying that one person has an abundant supply of the “It factor”.  Are some entertainers more gifted in that area?

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Let’s take a look at R and B and some of the more mainstream female entertainers of the time. Have you ever wondered why someone like Keyshia Cole sells more albums and is overall more popular than say Amerie? Both of them are attractive women so we can’t blame it on fans being prejudice to the less pretty girl. They both were at one point on major labels. Neither of the two have a more remarkable singing voice or range of talent than the other. Keyshia writes much of her own music while Amerie can play various instruments which she implements in her sound.   I would say that they are about even. Yet it is obvious that in this duo that Keyshia is the more successful entertainer.  What does Keyshia have that Amerie does not?

Another example would be between Brandy and Beyonce. The two “B”s. Both have been in the entertainment business since their childhood. Both had a parent manage their career. Both have made the cross over from music to film. Both are attractive women (although some argue that Brandy is not pretty in the tradition sense).  Both have been successful in their album sales. However, as of recent years singer Brandy has not been able to properly re-launch her career as to compete with the level of an ever popular Beyonce.

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Why? What is it about these two groups of singers that make one of the two more popular and more successful?  Is it based completely up to the fans? If so how do fans choose? Work ethic maybe? Beyonce for example is known for being a hard worker in her field and even refusing to take breaks. While Brandy has had her career halted at one point to become a mother and raise her child.  It could be argued that during Brandy’s break from music the “It” factor somehow escaped her. Perhaps this is why beyonce refuses to take an extended break from her career. She is afraid that the special something that she has and that fans feel she has more importantly will expire.  Is it really that easy or are there deeper reasons behind the success and or lack of success in their careers?

What do you define as the “It” factor and who possess it? Can a performer loose the “It” factor if they take a break from entertainment? Have you heard of the phrase if you don’t use it, you lose it? Do fans decide who has the “It” factor and for how long or is it completely up to the performer and their own personal drive and abilities?

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