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I started my Yoga practice in 1996, at the time it was not as popular as it is now.  Prior to my Yoga certification, I worked for 15 years in the News and Entertainment business.  I got stressed out and discovered Yoga, also discovering Yoga at that time was my long time friend, Russell Simmons.  I was delighted to share what I had learned about Yoga with Russell, who become one of my first celebrity clients when I was starting my Yoga practice with Flava.

The following interview took place in 2000,  Russell talks about his success in life with Yoga.  (Seated next to him is one of his Yoga instructors Kelly Morris).

Here’s a taste of this week’s Yoga Flava TV Snack, “Russell Simmons Talks About His Success In Life With Yoga”, and check in weekly for new episodes on Elev8:

Check out additional clips of Russell continuing passion for Yoga.

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