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The 4th of July doesn’t tend to test the creativity of parents because so much is usually on offer for children throughout the Independence weekend. Yet, what you choose to do can have long lasting positive consequences for your kids. Making the right decisions could mean years of laughter, memories and positive 4th of July vibes. It will help too if you can avoid your child getting struck in a homemade fireworks disaster, so read on:

Summertime Fun For Your Kids & You Too!

1. Check Your Local Newspaper First

The best guide for events near you will always be your local newspaper. You’ll find a detailed list of what your county or community has organized for children and best of all your newspaper probably won’t profile the best parks in your area for your children to light fireworks.

Instead look for arts and crafts activities, free live entertainment and amusement park-like establishments with that special 4th of July feel.

Checking your local guides is also useful if your children are older and you won’t to inform yourself of where they’ll be and what they’ll be doing.

2. Find Fun Alternatives To Fireworks recently profiled some wonderful ideas for around your home this 4th of July:

  • After the sun goes down, wrap flashlights in colored cellophane to provide fun shades of light.
  • Purchase non-toxic glo-sticks, glo-ropes and glo-jewelry that can safely light the night for kids.
  • Create your own noisemakers by banging wooden spoons on pots and pans. Search your house for horns, whistles and bells and other items to create a marching band.
  • Make your own firecracker sounds by popping bubble wrap.
  • Using yarn, craft sticks, paint and construction paper, families can make the United States flag.
  • Make 4th of July rockets by using paper towel rolls, paint, streamers and paper cement.
  • Let kids create in the kitchen by making fun desserts using blueberries, strawberries and whipping cream for star-spangled treats.

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3. Be ‘Out And About’ All Day With Friends And Family

You may often hear an only child complain of how lonely his or her upbringings was. However some people in large families also reflect on just how family orientated their lives were as children.

The 4th of July weekend is a perfect opportunity for you to build some positive family memories that your children will take with them into the future.

So check out what’s on offer near you and invite as many warm faces as possible. It doesn’t have to be big to last forever in the hearts and minds of your children.

4. Organize A Kids 4th Of July Party With Other Parents

If your ready to deal with the competitive world of the mother vs. mother, then why not try organizing an event for your children? A little party will keep the kids entertained and allow the parents to socialize with people their own age. You could also try some of the suggestions above about decorating your home without having to have fireworks.

So, what else would you suggest for a memorable 4th of July weekend for kids? Tell us and we’ll update out post to include your suggestions.