Host Grant Yanney delves into the ghostly origins of the color Haint Blue. The post Black Folklore In Video Episode 1: Haints of Hoodoo appeared first on NewsOne.

Nikki Giovanni is without a doubt one of the most celebrated poets of the last 50 years, earning countless awards and accolades for her work. The Knoxville, Tenn. native was born on June 7, 1943.

Black History Month, it’s important that we not only focus on the triumphs, history, and journeys of Black Americans but where the source of Black beauty came from. While Black History Month is a time celebrated in America, it’s important to always remember that our history is deeper than America. 1. Beyonce 2017 Grammy Gown […]

Actress Keke Palmer recently discussed how she celebrates Black History Month and why she feels "pretty invincible as a Black woman." The post Keke Palmer On How She Celebrates Black History Month: ‘I’m Just Blackity-Black Black’ appeared first on NewsOne.

Black History NOW Celebrates the paths paved by those who broke the mold in areas of film, sports, science, art and business. Today, we celebrate those who dared to think Beyond The Stars: Dreamers who refused to let society - or our cosmos - limit their desire to face the final frontier.

Black History Month

What better way to begin Black History and American Heart Month than to salute the American Heart Association and its historic president, Dr. Michelle Albert.

Students say the administration is refusing to teach key parts of Black History Month like the civil rights movement and slavery. The post Hillcrest Students Stage Walkout In Protest Over Restrictions Placed On Black History Month Program appeared first on NewsOne.

A teacher at Bexley Middle School was placed on leave after an image of an orangutan eating watermelon appeared behind students reading morning announcements. The post Ohio School Under Fire After Showing Ape Eating Watermelon During Black History Month Reading appeared first on NewsOne.

Jamesetta Hawkins was born in 1938 in Los Angeles to a teen mother. James’ childhood wasn’t perfect as she was raised by foster parents, but she received vocal training early and became a gospel prodigy.

    To learn more go to Black History Month is a time for the community to come together to talk about health, specifically the HIV epidemic that is still raging throughout the Black community. Historically, there are glaring disparities in how Black and white patients are diagnosed, treated, and respected. There are also […]

WE OWE YOU ONE, MARIAN Marian R. Croak – Developer of VoIP – Ability to make calls on a digital device. The reason you can still make a call over wifi when you didn’t pay your phone bill! Ever wondered how we went from using a house phone, then stopping at a pay phone while […]

Quotes from Black history can be a great way to personalize yourself with some of the most prominent figures in American history.  The post Quotes You Should Read During Black History Month appeared first on NewsOne.