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Reporter approaches Tiger Woods' mistress Rachel Uchitel on her property to ask her questions about the recent report of her and Tiger being together in Palm Beach. The reporter was very aggressive, but did get Rachel to finally speak. Watch in it's entirety.

// From the National Enquirer: Whitney Houston’s recent erratic behavior has friends fearing she’s using drugs again and will wreck her comeback.

She might have a Russian billionaire for a boyfriend, but buzzing around the net is that supermodel Naomi Campbell is going broke. We hope this is just a rumor!! Details inside!

WASHINGTON – Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video, with that unforgettable graveyard dance, will rest among the nation’s treasures in the world’s largest archive of film, TV and sound recordings.

Here’s the Spike Lee-directed video for Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”, the title track to the film, using photographs and video footage from the King of Pop’s career and hometown of Gary, Indiana. This Is It will be released on DVD Jan. 26th.

Actor charged with several offenses with a domestic violence component, police say. Aspen, Colorado, police say alleged victim was not taken to hospital.

Check out Hello Beautiful's interview with R&B maverick Joe Thomas, covering his new Christmas albums, love, heartache and his undeniable baby-making music.

No Christmas is complete without hearing The Temptations’ rendition of “Silent Night.”