What is #HoustonFightsCOVID?

#HoustonFightsCOVID is a movement to bring together Houstonians from all walks of life to join the cause to aid the development of vaccines to turn the tide against COVID. This is an initiative by sister organizations: DM Clinical Research and the Texas Center for Drug Development. Together, they comprise the largest independent clinical research group in the city.

Through their partnerships with preeminent global pharmaceutical partners, they bring to the community the opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research, under the careful medical supervision of local physicians.

The clinics are proud of their Houston roots, with over decade and a half serving the community and their leadership in the industry. Earlier this year, they were nominated by the World Vaccine Congress for the Best Clinical Trial Site Award. Over the years, the team, with the support of thousands of Houstonian participants, have played a key part in vaccine trials to help protect Americans against threats from Ebola and Anthrax to Pneumonia and the flu.

The fight against COVID is certainly the most important of our time. Houstonians have stepped up to the cause in record numbers. About 1400 have already received the study vaccine. But we still have a long way to go and need your help.