Check out this motivational video from B.B. King. He explains why you should always do the best that you can do. Check it out below!  

E.T. aka Eric Thomas The Hip Hop Preacher explains the importance of being phenomenal.  He feels if you don’t you will be forgotten.

Motivational Speaker Eric Thomas, aka E.T. The Hip Hop Preacher explains how you can attract “Greatness”.  He gives you the formula he used to go from average, to great, to phonemail.  Check out the video below.

Motivational speaker Eric Thomas, aka E.T. The Hip Hop Preacher, wants you to love your haters.  He wants you to be a master of execution.  It will take you life and work ethic to the next level. He wants you to love your haters because you have to conquer the small milestones to take it to the […]

Motivational speaker, Eric Thomas A.K.A. E.T. The Hip Hop Preacher, gives you the secrets to success in this motivational video.  Check it out below!

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement speech. Jobs plays on two themes: connecting the dots (anecdote: how taking a calligraphy class helped inspire the design of the Mac) and love & loss (anecdote: how getting fired from Apple helped inspire his greatest innovations

Check out this motivational Eric Thomas video from E.T. The Hip Hop Preachor.  He explains the how you have to check yourself before you wreck yourself.  Basically saying that you have to be your own worst critic and evaluate and leave time to reflect on your accomplishments and failures. Enjoy!

Les Brown explains how you should always keep sight of your dreams and engage in consistent action.  This video motivated me today hopefully it will do the same for you.  Check it out below!

Besides the on-going obsession with Morgan Freeman‘s voice, today is the legendary actor’s 80th birthday. Sign Up For Our Newsletter: From living your craft to finding your path, the 3rd highest ranked box office star Morgan Freeman gives advice on success. Watch Morgan Freeman’s Top 10 Rules For Success below: The Latest Music, Celebrities and Interviews:

Check out Will Smith’s Words of Wisdom in this motivational video.  Enjoy!

Singer Michelle Williams is sharing a few nuggets about how she is trusting God when it comes to her love life. Recently, she shared a personal message on social media, admitting that at one point, she was afraid to let go of a love that she knew wasn’t right for her. See her words below. It took me […]

Multi-Grammy award winning singer, Yolanda Adams is a Gospel Music Hall of Fame 2017 Inductee. The ceremony will take place on Today May 9, 2017, in Nashville, TN, at Lipscomb University Allen Arena. Houston native, Yolanda Adams still wows audiences all around the world ever since her 1988 debut album, “Just as I Am”. For […]