Throwback Of The Day

Old classic jams that we want to play!

I remember growing up in Houston Tx in South Park  the one thing I hated the most was rainy days. Today kids may be OK with it because it seems like all there fun is in doors but as for me I kept a dark tan in the summer because I love being outside. I […]

Jeff Harrison is a great guy to know when it comes to music history and when he told me this about Teena I had to research it and here it’s is the video of  little 8 year old Teena Marie

I can remember watching the commercial  on TV and begging my parent when they bought it home I was so excited I call all my friends over and we were getting ready to have a big fun in South Park. We follow all the direction to a tee then we hook up the water hose and turn it on and […]

I use to love this back in the day  phone especially when I was on punishment and couldn’t used the phone I would turn the ringer off and just answer it when it light up lol.

I remember growing up two old school and might I add scariest  songs to me were Wade In The Water and I Know It Was The Blood, what is the oldest church song you remember?