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Check out these simple tips on how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Popular comedian and tea giver Gary With Da Tea shocked Rickey Smiley Morning Show listeners as he revealed he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. RELATED: Gary With Da Tea Opens Up About His Battle With Colon Cancer RELATED:<: Bishop Michael Curry Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer Colorectal cancer, also known as colon cancer for short is […]


Of course a large number of people vow to commit themselves to practicing healthier habits at the beginning of every year.  Most of that commitment falls in the category of increased physical activity.  For the year of 2018, a few trends are standing out with a heightened and sustained amount of participation among seasoned and […]

For centuries, chocolate and oysters have been believed to be aphrodisiacs. But according to The Daily Mail, Modern nutritionists can add a few other foods to the list. Salmon, avocado and tomatoes all boost your libido by literally getting your blood flowing and improving your mood, nutritionist Lyndi Cohen told Daily Mail Australia. A glass […]

According to Men’s Health, A new study, caffeine loses its effectiveness when you are continually short on sleep. Researchers aren’t totally sure why the effects of caffeine are stunted after you’re short on sleep for a few days but they think it may have something to do with how caffeine works. When caffeine binds to […]

If you have a tough marriage there’s a good chance it’s taking a toll on your health. According to Men’s Health, In a study spanning two decades, Northwestern University leaders had married couples come into a lab every five years to rehash their common disagreements in front of a camera. They discovered that 80 percent […]

Having a boss you find motivating and supportive may seem like a great thing, but new findings show it can harm your health. According to Men’s Health, U.K. scientists monitored postal workers and their managers for over three years and found that employees who reported “transformational leaders” were more likely to come into work with […]

So, some men think that they have some of the same symptoms as a woman on their period.  According to The Daily Mail,  UK coupon website polled 2,412 adults, half of them men, who had been in a relationship for a minimum of a year. They discovered that 25 percent of men believe they […]

Join 97.9 The Box, Majic 102.1, and Boom 92 Houston for a day of Family, Fitness, and Fun at the 2015 Houston Fit Family Fest. Houston Fit Family Fest has something for every member of the family and all ages to enjoy. Get active and compete against your friends at the adrenaline rush inflatable obstacle courses, […]

Fellas, I have a question for you.  How often do you face your face?  Some would say wash your face twice a day, in the morning and at night.  I personally wash my face once a day, either in the morning or at night. I was reading in Men’s Health that you should wash your […]


  I am a female who HATES video games. Let me re-phrase that…I am a chick who can not understand a man being TOTALLY OBSESSED with playing a VIDEO GAME day and night! I mean I have seen a guy not bathe for two days, stuck in front of the television playing …THE MADDEN GAME! And now […]

Via My prayers are with Actor Terrence Howard who talks about personal cancer battle in touching video.     Click here