Here’s a healthy vegan chickpea salad made from Youtube Ainsley Rodriquez. Enjoy!

Check out these simple tips on how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you like eating spicy food, it could help you live longer.  According to a Men’s Health, New research from the University of Vermont find that eating red chili peppers leads to a 13 percent reduction in total mortality. Researchers said spicy peppers prevent obesity, increase blood flow, and alter your gut bacteria, and that […]

Setting The New Year Right With Nutrition  January 9th at Shrine Cultural Center 5309 MLK Blvd Houston, TX 77021  The ‘Food As A Medicine’ Series Presented by Shareefah Muhammad  from 2pm – 4pm  learn about Carbs For Weight Loss *How To Reduce Medication Use *Foods That Heal & Fats That Kill *Basic Human Anatomy and […]

TOLL-FREE HUNGER HOTLINE ENABLES STRUGGLING TEXANS TO ACCESS LOCAL FOOD HELP  Call Center Seeks to Reach More Texas Residents in Need; Nonprofit Group Launches Hotline Outreach Campaign Nationwide One in five (18.0 percent) Texas residents live in households that can’t always afford enough food, but the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) funds a toll-free […]

  Raheem DeVaughn, Mc Lyte and Celebrity Chef Roblé, Cook Holiday Dishes If you could invite ANYONE into your kitchen during the holidays, who would it be? Well with healthy and fresh eating on the rise and the Christmas holiday around the corner, a few of our favorite artists have taken to the kitchen to […]

There is no shortage of fad diets and suggestions of miracle pills and potions that promote weight loss. After all, the diet industry is big business. Consumers spend billions each year on diet products, yet most of the products don’t work and leave people feeling worse. Newsflash!… There is no miracle pill but there are some […]

Ever thought about becoming a vegan? Maybe, but if you’re like me, that was a fleeting thought! The idea of never eating meat again just doesn’t seem right! However, there are many healthy habits of vegans that we, carnivores can benefit from without giving up meat. Read more here.

The Best For Your Health

Fruits and vegetables are the most natural ways for our bodies to receive nutrients and sustenance, however there are some  important and helpful nutrients that get thrown out. Click here to read more about which fruits and vegetables hold more of the good stuff we need via Huffington Post.

If “you are what you eat”, what are you? If you eat, you’d better read this. has the complete story.  Read more:

If you are struggling with diabetes this story will inspire you.  It may also give clues to effective prevention and management of diabetes. has the complete story.  Read more: