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Here’s more info on Russia interfering with the election.  According to NBC News, U.S. intelligence officials now believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally directed the covert Russian campaign to interfere in the U.S. presidential election, senior U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News. According to the report, the intelligence officials have concluded that the Russian […]

President-elect shares his policy plans for the first 100 days as President of the United States.

According to CNN, President Obama ended his final world tour as president in Peru on Sunday (November 20th), concluding a trip that also included stops in Greece and Germany. Each stop was dominated by questions from world leaders and the media about President-elect Donald Trump, and yesterday he continued the calm demeanor and approach he’s […]

Thinking of all the living things on Earth– plants, animals, insects, bacteria– everything– how many different species would you guess there are? According to Mashable, Indiana University researchers used the laws of math to come up with an estimate that includes both micro and macro life, and say there may be as many as 1 […]

January marked the ninth straight month of record heat for the Earth, with NASA saying that it also set another record, with its temperature above normal by the highest margin of any month on record. NASA said January was 2.03 degrees Fahrenheit above normal, with an average global temperature of 55.5 degrees, easily beating the […]

Today is all about baring it all.  July 14th has been dubbed as Nation Nude Day! Nudist groups around the world observe the day to go “au natural.” Ashley Beahan, public-relations manager for the American Association for Nude Recreation told Arizona Central said, “This is something we take pride in.  It brings awareness to nude […]

Via: President Obama has plans to visit Kenya this summer.  The purpose of his trip is to help accelerate economic growth, strengthen security, and improve democratic institutions in sub-Saharan Africa such as Kenya. Click Here For More Info

The 63-year-old Israeli-born pastor was said to have suffered shortness of breath and uncomfortable physical symptoms  upon his return from Brazil. The official statement from…

Via: Nigeria is postponing presidential and legislative elections until March 28 because security forces fighting Boko Haram extremists cannot ensure voters’ safety around the country, the electoral commission announced Saturday in a decision likely to infuriate the opposition.  Hopefully Nigeria will get the Boko Haram situation under control so they can restore order and proceed with […]

AFP reported that a source close to the Paris police investigation said that the attackers were “armed with a Kalashnikov and a rocket-launcher.” The men apparently…

Via Obama lightened up on the some of the Cuban restrictions today for Americans wanting to travel to Cuba. His new changes makes it easier for “administration officials, government officials, journalists, professional researchers, educators, religious officials, performers and more .”  To find out the full details of the changes click the link below!

It’s been six months since almost 300 Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped by radical Boko Haram Islamists. Last Friday the Abuja government allegedly secures a cease fire deal and agreement that will hopefully release the more than 200 girls who have been held captive since 4/14/14. The concern is that there may not be much to come […]