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As originally seen on Power 107.5 Meet Tshepo Cameron Modisane and Thoba Calvin Sithole, both 27 of Africa.  They just made history as the first legal gay African wedding.  The two were wished well by friends, family and many onlookers at the traditional African wedding.In an interview at the ceremony, Mr. Modisane said the wedding […]

Via TheUrbanDaily: This is scary…a woman wakes up and jumps out of coffin!    Read more…

Is seems as thought North Korea is getting ready to go to war with South Korea.  See what’s going on here.

The new pope of the Catholic church is Cardinal Jorge Bergolio of Argentina. He will take the name Pope Francis. He is the church’s first non-European pope ever. He held the second most votes in the previous conclave which selected Pope Benedict XVI. Read More

The organization is named MERCY SHIPS and “The Africa Mercy” is one of four ships that travel the globe giving health care to the poor. Click here to READ MORE.

A nine-year-old girl gave birth last week in western Mexico, and authorities there are looking for the 17-year-old who’s believed to be the father, who the girl told them was her boyfriend. The baby was born last week by Cesarean section because of the age of the girl, who reportedly didn’t know she was pregnant […]

Patrice Motsepe, a South African Billionaire is donating half of his company’s assets to charity.  But why? Click here to READ MORE.

A fire at Kiss, a nightclub in Santa Maria, Brazil, has killed at least 232. Get the full story here.

Via: Talk show maven, Oprah Winfrey, who long reigned supreme as the world’s richest Black woman, has been kicked down a notch by new kid on the block, Folorunsho Alakija (pictured), according to Ventures Africa, an African business magazine and news service. For more on this story visit the site above.

Via: <:section sizset=”0″ sizcache06487268669976223=”2″>  President Barack Obama topped Republican challenger Mitt Romney by 12 points among women voters. <:section sizset=”0″ sizcache06487268669976223=”1″>   U.S. President Obama is hugged by first lady Michelle Obama and his daughters Sasha and Malia (R) before his victory speech at his election night rally in Chicago WASHINGTON – In the […]

Via: <:section sizset=”0″ sizcache07011997986476762=”2″>  Congratulations to President Obama were sent all the way from Kenya as grandma Obama celebrated in her homeland. <:section sizset=”0″ sizcache07011997986476762=”1″>   KOGELO, Kenya — Waving her walking cane and smiling broadly, the step-grandmother of Barack Obama celebrated Wednesday as this tiny Western Kenyan village danced and rejoiced after the […]