Via newsone: Spike Lee says he and Tyler Perry may hook up for new film.   Read more

Before you throw your hand up in frustration over yet another reality show featuring wanna be stars, check out this very unique concept that Eric Benet has come up with. Benet will executive produce and host Sub Stars, a show that will feature the best subway performers as they compete against each other for a […]

Arsenio Hall invited the whole cast of  Oxygen’s controversial Preachers of LA.     Read The Full Story Here!            

One of the Jurors who “reluctantly” acquitted George Zimmerman of Murder says she has lost her job, friends, and is facing foreclosure because the case has ruined her life. The Juror B-29 known as Maddy recently sat down with Good Morning America and spoke very candidly the struggle of deliberating  based on fact and law […]

Fresh out of jail, Grammy nominated rapper Ja Rule is wasting no time getting back to work. This weekend the film “I’m In Love With A Church Girl” hits theaters this weekend and Ja plays a role that he should be able to nail with ease. He plays the role of Miles Montego,  a high-level […]

A video has gone viral of a 19-year-old female student from Prairie View A&M University dancing nude in the school’s historic fountain during this weeks homecoming festivities. The footage has some people asking what is the proper punishment for the unwanted public attention this young lady has brought upon the HBCU?      

“Its Handaled” Thursday’s was a hit as expected drawing in a larger audience for this third season premiere than last years finale. The ABC show dominated its time slot with a 3.6 adults 18-49 and 10.5 Million Viewers.  The show was packed with slam dunk performances, improved creative vision to the key story line. This […]

Internship opportunities are available both nationally and internationally for intellectual young beauties of various backgrounds.  Areas of interest cover Research, Operations, Finance, Information Systems, Marketing, Sales, Communications, and Human Resources. More than 150 interns are hired each year by L’Oreal, and approximately 28 percent of graduates hired full-time were interns. In addition to traditional campus […]

 Good news for people who will travel to the ends of the world to partake in a little bit of Ganja….or a lot depending on who you are. In an effort t boost tourism in Jamaica, the island is now offering weed tours- kinda like Sonoma offers wine tours. Read the details here: So now […]

I figured with all the bad news we’ve been hearing all day, wouldn’t it be nice to have a good laugh today??? Check out this video of two guys hooked up to a labor simulator machine. They talk big mess in the beginning, but will it end the same???? Happy Friday!!!

After a 20 year musical hiatus, Eddie Murphy is planning a come back! Yep, that’s right Eddie Murphy is tapping into is musical side, yet again with a rock/reggae album set for release September 9th. His first single features Snoop Lion, the artist previously known as Snoop Dog (side thought….snoop really likes animal names) as […]