Iconic R&B group, Boyz II Men are returning with a brand new album, in celebration of their 20th anniversary. The new album entitled Twenty, will be available exclusively at Walmart this Fall, will contain 10 new songs plus 10 updated versions of classics including “End of the Road,” “I’ll Make Love to You,” and “Bended […]

We rarely hear the great things that Professional Sports Organizations or pro athletes do for their communities. The Houston Rockets take the big shot this summer by donating 100 air-conditioning units to needy homes in the city, where the temperature has hovered around 100 degrees for most of the summer. Rockets chief executive officer Tad […]

In this week’s episode of “The Playlist” Johnny Gill tells TVOne about his first album in sixteen years, Still Winning. What can fans expect from his latest? “Great music, great songs, great vocal performance, Bringing R&B back at its best.” RELATED POSTS: Christina Milian Says New Album, “Most Honest” Theophilus London Counts His Blessings Boyz […]

After partying with Houstonians this past weekend, at The Budweiser Summer Fest, Jill Scott has become truly emotional. She pours out her heart in the video for “Hear My Call,” track 7 from her chart-topping album The Light of The Sun. Reaching deep with emotion the teary-eyed  soulful songstress pleads for healing with simple visuals. […]

Beyonce’s “4 Intimate Nights” concerts sold out in 22 seconds, meaning there were thousands of fans left ticketless and unhappy. Thankfully, behind-the-scenes footage of the show has been released. We already saw Part I in which her lead guitarist Bibi and creative director Kim Burse make commentary, but in Part II, we get to see […]

We are extremely glad that the lock of the NFL is over and done and have been enjoying the pre-season and anticipate the season to start.  However, Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson maybe still locked out.  Cedric Benson has begun serving a 20-day jail sentence in Texas on a charge of misdemeanor assault today […]

After spending the month of Ramadan praying and fasting, Muslims around the world will celebrate with their biggest holiday party, Eid al-Fitr, which translates as the “break-the-fast feast.” Today  thousands of Muslims–  will begin  to eat sweets, show off new clothes and pray together. For Muslim kids, it’s likened to Christmas, a day marked by […]

Vivica Fox and her fiancé Slimm are doing something unconventional these days. They’re staying away from the cameras and preserving their relationship. http://www.blackamericaweb.com/?q=articles/entertainment/gossip/31959

We’ve been waiting patiently and anticipating Anthony Hamilton next release; well at least I have. He gave a small peek with the collaboration with Jill Scott earlier this summer, but I have one much better than a feature. Let me know what you think about this new music, that surfaced online entitled “Had To Learn […]

Juan Williams is presently a political analyst for Fox News, and a regular panelist on the public-affairs program Fox News Sunday. Here, the former NPR correspondent talks about his new book, Muzzled, a memoir generally bemoaning the pressure nowadays to speak in sanitized, politically-correct sound bites and specifically reflecting upon his being fired by NPR […]

In 1983, the classic “Scarface” was released but not with the same captivation it holds now. With its extra-violent scenes and memorable lines, the movie has won the hearts and props of rappers. And thanks to music and the gangster persona, Al Pacino is a hero. The actor in fact acknowledged the contributions the hip […]

The new cast of “Dancing With the Stars” has been revealed. ABC says the 13th season of the hit show will feature a mix of actors, athletes and TV personalities. Set to tango and quickstep with professional dance partners will be basketball star Ron Artest; World Cup soccer player Hope Solo; reality stars Robert Kardashian, […]