If you don’t know Chuck Wepner’s claim to fame, you will in a hurry after you enter his small apartment in this gritty North Jersey city on the Hudson River. Maybe you’ll see the framed poster of the most famous boxer of all time in his office, the one autographed, “To Chuck and Linda: Good […]

When I was twelve, my mother gave me a diary, and I would write in that and ultimately in notebooks and journals. Writing [The Women of Brewster Place] did for me what those journals did when I was a painfully shy, very troubled teenager. It got my life in order. –Gloria Naylor                                                     On this day,  I […]

Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes’ relationship has long been under scrutiny, especially since the couple bragged on “Basketball Wives” about how perfect their relationship was, but then abruptly called off their wedding. And who could forget that domestic dispute? Regardless, the two are still very much together and, believe it or not, happy. And as […]

Last night was the final round of Toccara’s quest for love. The episode began with Toccara and Jason on their final date. They took a bike ride around the Caribbean and then hopped on a yacht for some little alone time. After Toccara changed into her sexy swimsuit and Jason took off his shirt (God […]

Football great Deion Sanders has officially served his wife, Pilar Sanders with divorce papers. Pilar is Deion’s second wife and mother of three of his children and word on the street is Pilar received the documents this morning, in Dallas,Texas. Deion is reportedly tired of Pilar acting all diva like, he stated if he wanted […]

I have admitted out loud that I watch the “Basketball Wives” franchise. The Miami wives is like watching a car accident, you drive by and shiver as you see the ruins of people all over the sidewalk. Watching the LA wives is equal to  watching your best girlfriends survive through life. It’s your weekly “catch-up” […]

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Wanda Sykes recently revealed she battled breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. The comedienne taped an appearance on “Ellen” and discussed for the first time ever that she had breast cancer. Sykes told Ellen that she went in to have breast reduction surgery in February, but that’s when the cancer was detected. “I found […]

Usher is in a legal dispute over allegations he stole material for his No. 1 single, “Burn,” from a songwriter named Ernest Lee Straughter, reports Billboard. http://www.blackamericaweb.com/?q=articles/entertainment/blak_music_month/32738

Mariah Carey says she did not intentionally cross a picket line while dining out with her husband Nick Cannon in New York over the weekend, insisting she has “nothing but respect for those in the struggle.” The couple walked past striking restaurant workers on Sunday to eat at the Central Park Boathouse in Manhattan, drawing […]

With so much debasing theatrics on all those “housewives and wifeys” reality dramas, it’s hard to remember that there are black women in the public eye who are great role models for their athletic prowess. Where’s the reality show featuring dynamic black female athletes? ‘Cause they’re definitely getting short shrift. With the Summer Olympic games […]

Toys “R” Us announced Thursday that it will hire over 40,000 workers nationwide as it gears up for the all-important 2011 holiday shopping season. Toys “R” Us started hiring this week for retail positions such as toy demonstrators and sales associates. The toy seller is also hiring for 10 distribution centers including its newest facility […]