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Valentines Day is a synonymous with roses and candies for the ladies, but we should’t forget to take care of them men that work so hard all year round to make sure were treated like the queens that we are. Incase your struggling to show him how much he means to you on a day that caters to women, here go a few ideas that will sweep him off his feet and remind him why he should choose you again and again.

1. Boys Night Out

Send him out with the boys.
This will surprise him, but show him how much you love and trust him by arranging for him to have a boys night out. Some girls won’t even consider this gesture, but that’s why hes with you because you’re different.

2. Be The Queen Of Couponing

Give him love coupons.
Ok you’re the queen of coupon clippings and you’ve mastered saving big cash. Show him the you’ve also saved enough loving for him by dispensing love coupons on occasion. You can get them at your local Barnes & Noble for less than $15.