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5 Must-Listen Black Podcasts You Missed This Week from The Urban One Podcast Networks 9/15/23

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From Selena Gomez’s subtle reaction to Chris Brown at the VMAs to invaluable insights on time and emotional management, the Urban One Podcast Network offers a captivating array of shows designed to entertain and empower. Each week, we curate a selection of podcasts that not only celebrate the richness of Black culture but also deliver the latest in celebrity news, sports analysis, business advice, and conversations around health and wellness, all deeply rooted in issues close to the hearts of the Black community.

We dive into politics with “Small Doses” with Amanda Seales, a stand out episode that breaks down the concept of being ‘woke,’ with guest Tamika Mallory. The crew from the “I Hate The Homies” podcast keep you updated on the latest in sports news and even venture into early Super Bowl predictions.





The “Black Health 365” podcast invites the Salad Lady to whip up easy yet wholesome meals alongside hosts Britt Daniels and Jackie Paige, promoting a vibrant approach to well-being. Furthermore, Maria More and her husband delve into the significance of budgeting, not just in terms of finances but also in managing your emotional energy, offering a holistic life perspective. Lastly, “The Morning Hustle” keeps you up to date with the latest in pop culture and celebrity news, including lively recaps of events like the MTV Music Video Awards. Tune in to the Urban One Podcast Network for an enriching and entertaining podcast experience.

Here Are 5 Black Podcasts you missed on the Urban One Podcast Network:

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1. ‘I Hate The Homies’ Dave is HATIN on Colorado, USA B-Ball SUCKS!, The Guys PICK in the NFL

The homies kick off the podcast with Supa Dave hatin on Colorado’s College Football team. They dissect the surprising Texas vs. Alabama game, questioning Saban’s future at Alabama. “The Dream Team” faces an unexpected challenge – sleep apnea. The NFL segment covers winners and the Jets’ mixed performance, highlighting Aaron Rodgers’ struggles. The Homies make early Super Bowl picks. The episode wraps up with a discussion on NFL commercial featuring retired players.

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2. ‘Mind, Body, and Business’ Ways To Stay Within Your Time Budget

When thinking about budgeting, people naturally perceive that it is related to their finances. While having a budget for your money is necessary, it is also imperative that you budget your time and your emotional capacity. Helping people can feel good but, if you don’t prioritize yourself, then you will have nothing to give. 

In this episode, Maria’s husband, James Collins, joins her again to discuss how they have had to set clear boundaries and prioritizing their family and their own mental health before others. Maria and James also share ways on how to not overextend yourself. 

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3. ‘Black Health 365’ Healthy Living and Healthy Eating with “That Salad Lady” Dr. Nina Cherie Franklin

In this episode of the Black Health 365 podcast, Britt and Jackie had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Nina Cherie Franklin, a renowned healthy living coach, wellness expert, and the woman behind the popular blog and brand That Salad Lady! As advocates for healthy lifestyles, Britt and Jackie appreciate the importance of breaking up the food monotony and having Dr. Franklin on the show was a great way to do just that.

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4. ‘Small Doses’ Side Effects of Woke with Tamika Mallory

What does it mean to be “‘woke’,” and why do so many people resist this idea? What began as a call to action within the Black community has become a symbol that right-wing conservatives have manipulated to impose specific viewpoints on race, sexuality, and American history within education. On the latest episode of the Small Doses podcast, hosted by Amanda Seales, Tamika Mallory joins the conversation to shed light on what it truly means to be “‘woke’.” As it turns out, it’s not as complex as it may seem.

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5. ‘The Morning Hustle’ Selena Gomez Has Smoke for Chris Brown; What Celebrity Broke Up Your Relationship; & Thirty Days to Propose, Or I Will

During the MTV VMAs, Selena Gomez made a screw face when it was announced that Chris Brown won an award with Chloe Bailey. Chris Brown clapped back at Selena Gomez (4:44:138). The question for today is what celebrity broke up your relationship. It could be petty but it could be serious, but once that celebrity got into the picture, it was over (9:18:692).  Cardi B thinks that things are personal between her and Joe Budden. He did not say the best things about her new song Bongo, but she thinks things are now a personal attack (14:20:917). On Cash Grab, Parnel is on with Lore’l and Kyle Santillian trying to get this $1,000. He has bills to pay so he is trying to get them all right. Listen here to find out how he does.

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