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Cise Protect Black Women

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No outfit is complete without a cute pair of shoes or a signature bag. Back in 2014, Telfar blessed us with the genderless vegan square bag that took the fashion world by storm. Today, the brand announced their new color, Double Mint, which drops tomorrow at 9 AM. Since Telfar bags are so hard to secure, I’ve been practicing my tab refreshing strategies all day!

Other Black designers like Brandon Blackwood currently have their new collection out for pre-order, which includes their rectangle suede bag in colors like pink and purple. The line also includes wallets, totes, and belt bags which are perfect for the summer. 

Whether you are looking for the perfect oversized tote to throw in your beach towels, sunscreen, and laptop or you looking for an itty-bitty waist bag for a night out in the city, these six Black designers may have the perfect summer bag for you. 


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1. Sonique Saturday

Remember that crazy Birkin bag controversy between Saweetie and Quavo? A Birkin might be outside of your price range, but Sonique Saturday’s “You Fake Like This Birkin” bag should be right up your alley. This conversation piece is priced between $295 – $395, comes in a bunch of colors, and has four different sizes. You’ll definitely make a statement with this eye-catchy handbag.

2. Petit Kouraj

Petit Kouraj was founded by Haitian-American stylist Nasrin Jean Baptiste, who’s client list includes celebrities like Alicia Key. The luxury handmade bags are inspired by her Haitian roots. She’s known for mixing colors, and unusual pieces together to create new earthy designs. Her mini fringe bag is sewn on a leather handle giving the bag room to dance in your arms.

3. Cise

Designer Blake Van Putten is the founder of the Protect Black Women handbags. These bags have appeared on my Instagram explore page quite a few times and they’re on my radar. Cise aims to build a stronger community through their message and designs. Each bag is priced between $150 – $200 and made with vegan leather.

4. Homage Year

Gen Z designer and founder of Homage Year, Antoine Manning released two neutral-colored, egged shaped bags to symbolize the birth of new manifestations as we survive through Covid 19. Each bag includes a specific colorway and manifestation that aligns with a higher sense of self. The peach color symbolizes growth and the avocado color is for tranquility.

Later this month, Manning is releasing two new colors; Pink Pitaya for passion and Lemon for protection. 


5. Anima Iris

Anima Iris is redefining luxury bags with their new summer 2021 collection. The line includes the Zaza bags in colors like ocean swirl, milk way, and blueberry. Each bag ranges from $350 – $540 depending on style and size. If you love bags with a modern style, then you’ll fall in love with their bright-colored leather purse.

6. Asata Maisé

Asata Maisé is a Delaware-based label that focuses on making sustainable one-of-a-kind pieces. If you are looking for custom patchwork handbags made intentionally from repurposed scraps of fabric, then this is the perfect place to shop. Asata usually makes one original item per customer using fabric from the 1960s. Her next drop is between Spring/Summer 2021, but for now, we can join her waitlist.