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The former First Lady headlined this year’s Conference For Women 2017 in Philadelphia and dropped some insightful gems.

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Screenwriter, director and producer Shonda Rhimes and Former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama headlined the powerful Conference for Women in Philadelphia on October 3rd. The former FLOTUS dropped insightful gems on the modern women and what we should all do to not only be at the table, but to also be a voice at the table. Read more.

2. Michelle Obama Headlines Conference For Women 2017

Michelle Obama Headlines Conference For Women 2017

“A lot of power and bravery is practice. And some of that is taking the risk to try and be at the table. And then when you’re at the table, taking that first risk to open your mouth and risk being rejected.”


“I’ve been at so many tables with so many folks who are imposters. But shame on us if we sit by and let an imposter talk us down.”


“People ignore the thing they have the most power over. I know so many people who will go to a protest and do something big on an issue. But they won’t deal with that issue in their home.”


On women working smarter, not harder: “I was the most productive when I was in a flex situation. Do not check for me for needless meetings.”


“This generation, because of social media and the internet, kids are more exposed to more people and more cultures. I think that they are more open in ways. They are less tolerant of obvious inequities. This generation will look at what is happening now in the world and say, ‘This doesn’t feel right because this wasn’t what I was taught.’”


On women and self doubt: “Men don’t even ask that question, ‘What if it doesn’t happen?’ That’s what we do. That is a behavior of our gender. Speak up in all that tables we’re in.”


“What sometimes is missing for young girls is that so early in our lives we’re shushed. And not just directly shushed. Sometimes we’re treated a little too preciously. They treat us like a doll. They don’t treat us like real beings, equal partners. I was loved early by my father, but I was never so precious that he didn’t think I could be there at the table. “