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Tamar Braxton is making headlines again, but this time not for her Celebrity Big Brother beef, but a comment she made about her family dynamic on the show. Tamar revealed she allows her son Logan to sleep in the same bed as her and her Nigerian boyfriend who she calls T’Challa.

“See Logan’s five. He be in the bed with me and T’Challa!” she told Kandi Burruss during a candid chat on the popular reality TV show. When Kandi questioned how Vince feels about it, Tamar dismissed her ex-husband and claimed she wouldn’t mind if the shoe were on the other foot.

“We not together! That’s not really his business,” Braxton said. “And if [Logan] did that with somebody that [Vince] looked like he was getting ready to get married to, why would I act a fool? I would want him to be close to her.”

Tamar explained the dynamics, saying she sleeps in between Logan and T’ Challa so there’s no contact between the men.
“He’ll come in and scoot me over,” she said. “I don’t play that. I don’t mess around with my kids. We live in an apartment, it’s not like I’m in my house.”

Hmm. Tamar’s admission sparked a debate on #BlackTwitter about the inappropriateness of her comments. Little is known about Tamar’s hunky beau, leading people to think she’s making a naive decision.

However, while discussing her relationship with the rest of the Celebrity Big Brother cast, she revealed,

“I met T’Challa and now it’s a wrap again. But he didn’t date Black women, which is crazy,” she said. “He did not date Black women. It’s like, I’m attracted to men who don’t like Black women. Vince neither, remember that? Vince either.”

Things that make you go hmm…

Keep scrolling for #BlackTwitter’s reaction to Tamar’s comments:

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