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You awoke early this morning with probably an inadequate amount of rest. You got out of bed groggy and wishing for a “few more minutes” of sleep. You woke the kids up and had them eat their breakfast and get dressed for school all while you scrambled to get ready for work simultaneously.

You sat impatiently in traffic inching along, wishing the cars would just go. Wishing they would stop cutting in front of you without signaling, just as you got a good stride going as traffic slightly eased up. The radio station you listen to played one of those familiar songs you know the words to, so you sang along temporarily distracted from your frustration.

You unloaded your bags maybe just one or maybe a few. You struggled along to the elevator holding the purse, bag for lunch, bag for your work documents and bag for your computer. You rode up to your floor smushed by the lady who had hit you with her purse and left hip, taking up more than her fair share of the elevator and the guy who smoked before he got on who reeks of cigarettes.

You made it to your desk and before you could decompress the phone sirens and you sighed knowing the work day has begun!

Americans strive to have a good life by working hard, taking care of business and doing what they have to do to keep the family kicking. Unfortunately, studies show that we are in turn under nourished and over stressed.

There is however, a means to relief. While it is important to eat healthy daily, and exercise 3-4 times a week, there is a simple way to improve your health that will benefit you in tremendous ways.

Just breathe.

Yes, thats it, just breathe. Most of you will say well thats an involuntary function of the body, how can it help tremendously when I breathe all day and leave work beat?

Though simple at first thought, deep breathing through the form of meditation is simple yet quite complex for some. It is the practice of shutting out trafficking thoughts, worries, and concerns. It is concentrating on the intake and exhale of breath and working only as hard as to release tension in every inch of the body. From the tips of the toes to the tip of the head.

There are tools on the internet like YouTube which have videos of guided meditation to walk you through this practice and if you have the budget there are even classes are out there that teach meditation and relaxation. Some of the videos can be lengthy, but if you can dedicate as little as ten minutes you will see the benefit!