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Jennifer Lopez, 54

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Karl Malone, 60 (NBA Hall of Famer)

Rick Fox, 54

Kyle Kuzma, 28 

Lynda Carter, 72 (Original Wonder Woman)

Elisabeth Moss, 41 (Handsmaids Tale)

Barry Bonds, 59

Michael Richards, 74 (Kramer on Seinfeld)

Amelia Earhart (The first female pilot to complete a solo trans Atlantic flight. She went missing in 1937 flying over the Pacific. Declared dead in 1939 and body was never found)


Regis Philbin (1931-2020)

Sherman Hemsley (1938-2012) 


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1. The Mis-Education of Negro History in Florida

The Mis-Education of Negro History in Florida Source:Getty

The Mis-Education of Negro History in Florida


What You Need to Know:


Vice President Kamala Harris is on the road, speaking before organizations that embrace people of color. The nation’s first female, first Black, first East Indian vice president appeared Thursday before the national convention of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, meeting in Indianapolis to talk issues with the thousands of members gathered. 


Among the topics, Vice President Harris addressed the startling statistics of Black maternal mortality. She pointed out,


“Before, during, and after childbirth, women in America die at a higher rate than in any other wealthy nation in the world, and Black women are three times as likely to die.” 

2. Hot Enough for Ya? 

Hot Enough for Ya?  Source:Getty

Hot Enough for Ya? 


What You Need to Know:


Heat alerts have been issued for 44 million people in 13 states across the West into the South and Southeast. For the 43rd consecutive day, in a city like Miami, Florida, where heat is no stranger, residents experienced heat index values of up to 100 degrees. 


The massive heat dome is expected to spread this week. Phoenix, Arizona reached its fourth record high day of 118 degrees. The city reported extended weeks of 100-degree or higher temperatures, not including the heat index. As of Saturday, the city of El Paso, Texas has not recorded a day under 100 degrees for five consecutive weeks. 

3. Racial Gap in Who Gets Critical Stroke Treatments

Racial Gap in Who Gets Critical Stroke Treatments Source:Getty

Racial Gap in Who Gets Critical Stroke Treatments


What You Need to Know:


Black and Hispanic people having a stroke are less likely than their White counterparts to get treatments proven to reduce death and improve quality of life, new research shows.


For strokes caused by a clot, the gold standard treatment is a clot-busting drug called alteplase, according to guidelines from the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association. Some people might also fit the criteria for a procedure called mechanical thrombectomy, which allows a physician to thread a catheter through an artery and use a clot-grabbing device to reach and remove the mass from the brain.


In the new study, published Thursday in the AHA journal Stroke, researchers from the Mayo Clinic analyzed 206,853 records of patients at 173 medical centers nationwide. They found 16 percent of black or Hispanic patients received the clot-busting drug compared to 21 percent of White patients. 

4. Another Inmate Death in Dangerous Atlanta-Area Jail

Another Inmate Death in Dangerous Atlanta-Area Jail Source:Getty

Another Inmate Death in Dangerous Atlanta-Area Jail




What You Need to Know:


Noni Battiste-Kosoko, a 19-year-old who is Black, was an inmate at Fulton County Jail. She had been in jail since May 20 on a misdemeanor bench warrant without a bond due to pending charges in Miami. Battiste-Kosoko was detained on charges of criminal trespassing and property damage after allegedly damaging the walls and tables at Langston Hughes High School in February. 


The 19-year-old was scheduled to appear in court on May 8 but failed to attend her court date, which led to her arrest.

On July 11, Battiste-Kosoko was found dead in her cell after officials made dinner rounds shortly after 6:30 p.m. According to medical personnel and members of the Atlanta Fire rescue team who rendered aid to the young detainee, Battiste-Kosoko didn’t show any signs of injury.  The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office is expected to perform an autopsy to confirm her cause of death.

 The U.S. Department of Justice is currently preparing a civil rights investigation into the conditions of jails across Georgia. 

5. Let Go and Let God

Let Go and Let God Source:Getty

Let Go and Let God




What You Need to Know:


I know you have heard the phrase…LET GO AND LET GOD. Well, what does that really mean? Simply put, LET GO AND LET GOD means surrendering to God, letting Him have total control of a situation, and getting out of His way. Period.


Now for some, that is easier said than done. One reason is due to the spirit of DOUBT. We may tend to doubt ourselves and God and His ability to get the job done. So what do you do when you have doubts? Pray and trust God. Proverbs 3:5-6 reads, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your crooked path straight.”


Let Go and Let God also requires us to have a certain level of humility. Sometimes, we think we can solve any and everything because of our accomplishments, problems we have solved in the past, and because of our financial status. But sometimes, while riding on our high horses, we forget that we would not have been able to accomplish anything if not for God giving us wisdom and because of His grace and mercy.