Hmm, has Toni Braxton had some plastic surgery recently? That question is being asked by folks because a new pic of the singer taken while she was in a car has got some debating whether she’s gone under the knife … again. You may recall that back in 1993, she revealed that had a nose job while […]

Change is Constant There is nothing in life more certain than change. Just reflect for a moment on how things were only five or 10 years ago and you will realize in a very short time that our daily life is quite different.  A look back a little further, and we have a long list […]

Get ready to see a different new feed on Facebook.  According to Mashable, Facebook has announced that it is making a change to the News Feed, favoring posts shared by friends and family over posts from brands and publishers. Facebook’s Adam Mosseri, vice president of product management and the News Feed, didn’t say that publisher […]