The New Edition Story actor, Woody McClain’s, old tweets have come back to haunt him. The actor, who played the role of Bobby Brown, tweeted in the past, “If it ain’t white it ain’t right” and “When I’m famous I’m dating white women only.” He also said, “Really thinking about finding a white girl black […]

Well, here’s some cool retro news!  According to The Daily Mail, Cassette tapes were a big deal about 20 years ago, but they are now making a comeback. In fact, sales of cassette tapes are rising so quickly that the Recording Industry Association of America is looking for ways to track the sales of tapes […]

Do you have an ex that is trying to come back? Here are 4 reasons why exes come back. 1. He still loves you. The simplest and most self-explanatory of all the options presented. We’ve all been in relationships where even though the relationship was broken, it didn’t mean the emotions were severed as well. Sometimes relationships […]