comedy We’re used to the huge and still-growing Wayans family to be up to something, whether it’s making a movie, a new TV show, or just adding other relatives to the Wayans entertainment machine. We haven’t heard much recently from the camp, but we can bet it’s only a minute before they announce their next […]   Gary Owen is rather unique among his peers. He’s a white comic beloved by black audiences, so much so that he even once won “Black Comedian of the Year” in a contest in San Diego. The former Navy man realized he wasn’t cut out for the soldier life when he couldn’t stop smiling […] *Bobbie Edmonds a Fort Worth, Texas based attorney is responding to Mary Lee Harvey’s posting of videos detailing infidelity and other transgressions on the part of radio/TV show host and author Steve Harvey. BET just presented the cast of “The Game” at the Television Critics Association Press Tour to discuss the show’s return for season four and its transition from the CW – including moving production from Los Angeles to Atlanta, working with new sets (after the old ones were destroyed) and the challenge of actors picking […] Happy New Year! If you’re a football fan, this is a big weekend, as the NFL’s wild card teams take the field, but if you’re not, there are options at the movie theatre, even though January releases tend to be film studio throwaways. If you love music, this is generally a slow time of […] Michael Colyar will entertain anywhere – from your living room via Netflix, to a prison, to a concert hall to all the way to Baghdad, Iraq.  

*The NY Times has done a piece on Steve Harvey. With all of his accomplishments over the years and now his recent turn as an author and “relationship guru,” the title of the piece asks if he’s a “Multimedia King?” *On Tuesday was on the scene at an event sponsored by Belvedere Vodka. It seems as though those cats are sponsoring something every time you turn around. Anyway, as the drinks were following, and New York City’s beautiful people began to pile into the confines of the Gilda Hall downtown, we found ourselves […]

*33 years after his first big break when while living with Jerry Seinfield in New York, comedian George Wallace is taking his claim to fame as “the new Mr. Vegas” to a new level.

When two comedians end up facing off in court, it’s no laughing matter. Or maybe it is – at least if J. Anthony Brown has anything to say about it.