By putting forth a plan detailing how Black America could allegedly save itself from falling victim to its own foibles and derelict culture, CNN anchor…

Comedian Deon Cole did a show about  CNNs  the N Word special  Check Out the Video  


A few weeks ago, CNN anchor Don Lemon released a book, Transparent and confirmed to the whole wide world he was gay.  In his in-depth interview with New York Times, Lemon gives readers a candid look at his life and career.  His brave admission welcomed many supporters and an increase in twitter followers.  However, his […]

I’m an avid CNN watcher and a supporter of the anchors Don Lemon and TJ Holmes.  It is great that I’m getting the top news from men who are handsome and nice eye candy.  Secretly, I sometimes can’t tell them apart.  I like them both and wouldn’t want to choose who I like more. However, […]

CNN anchor Don Lemon revealed that he is gay in a new memoir. Lemon told the New York Times that him being in the news business and his professional obligation to be honest led him to bring his sexual orientation to light. See the full story here. Source

*During a weekend CNN segment on Bishop Eddie Long’s sexual coercion scandal, anchor Don Lemon admitted live on the air that he was a victim of sexual abuse as a child. [Watch below.] The revelation came as he was interviewing three members of the congregation led by Bishop Long, who was recently accused of coercing […]