Haile Selassie became Ethiopia’s final emperor on this day in 1930, ruling the country for over four decades before he was exiled from power. He is remembered not just as the head of an African nation but as a deity in the Rastafarian religion. November 2 is seen among Rastafarian practitioners as a holy day. […]

(HOUSTON) — Friends, family and community leaders of George ‘Mickey’ Leland gathered Thursday to remember the former Houston Congressman 25 years after his death. Leland was on…

From CNN: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia — The sight of a baby girl suckling on the breast of her dead mother changed the course of Abebech Gobena’s life forever. The year was 1980 and Ethiopia lay in the grip of what would become one of the most devastating famines in its history. Gobena, a devout Christian, […]