It turns out a relationship doesn’t have to be monogamous to be satisfying.  According to EurekAlert! , University of Guelph researchers surveyed more than 140 people in non-monogamous relationships, and more than 200 in monogamous ones and compared them to one another. The data revealed people in non-monogamous relationships were just as satisfied with the relationship they […]

Being married makes men fat, according to new findings. EurekAlert reports, Researchers from the University of Bath found married men have a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) than their non-married counterparts, adding approximately three pounds to the scales. And if a man gets divorced, his BMI dips back down just before and after the divorce. […]

If you want to look youthful you’ll want to keep your face relaxed, finds a new study. According to EurekAlert, Western University researchers showed participants photos of people with smiling, neutral, and surprised expressions. Participants perceived the surprised faces as the youngest and smiling faces as the oldest. Study co-author Melvyn Goodale says the aging […]