Tami Roman has admitted that she’d undo her butt injections, if she could. During a recent interview , Tami said, “It was one of those boot-leg places, yes. I’m not going tell you who (did the injections), but I live in Houston, I know a lot of strippers and I asked who the plug was. […]


According to Time, A new study giving contraceptive injections to men can effectively prevent pregnancy in their partners. Only, the shots won’t be available anytime soon as they need a bit more tweaking to reduce side effects. Never before has hormonal birth control been an option for men. Researchers found that the drug combination was […]

Whatever you do, don’t go for the Nicki Minaj booty transformation because you might end up like several victims who allege that a fake plastic surgeon injected them with a toxic concoction. http://www.blackamericaweb.com/?q=articles/entertainment/gossip/34830