It’s about time. Frankie Beverly is one of the hardest working men in show business and has been for the past four decades. His hard work and contributions to music will be honored next month at the 12th Annual BET Awards, where he will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Thanks to BET, Frankie Beverly and Maze FINALLY got the award that all of their fans felt they should have gotten…A ‘Lifetime Achievment Award’.  A tired Frankie called from the west coast (which is 2 hours behind) to chat with the Fly Jock and crew about his latest achievement.  Admitting that he’s now 65 years old, […]

Ron Isley is a national treasure. If you don’t think so, consider that he’s one of the very few artists in black music history who’ve remained relevant for over five decades. The 69-year-old crooner was a hit not just with his famous brothers, but with artists like R. Kelly and Lil’ Kim. Black Oscar Winners […]