If you missed KG Smooth on Facebook Live at 11 last night, we got you!  The conversation centered around a call KG received and the young lady said that one of her male friends likes her, but she likes his friend. Don’t miss Majic After Dark | The Quiet Storm at its new time.  9pm […]


Tamar Braxton says it’s a woman’s responsibility to change her appearance for her man. During her recent appearance  ,The singer and Braxton Family Values star says that she changed for her husband, Vincent Herbert. She explained that he loved blonde hair and fairer-skinned women, so she bought a million of wigs and wore them.

How often do you “like” photos on Instagram? Mashable reports that, Instagram is testing a new feature that causes all likes to appear as numbers, even if a photo has few than 11 total likes. Previously, photos with fewer than 11 likes showed the usernames of each person who had liked the photo. It’s not […]