As of this past Saturday, those hours upon hours of playing your favorite video game(s) is now being considered a disease by the World Health Organization. One of the most striking additions to the International Classification of Diseases was video game addiction or “gaming disorder” under the category of “disorders due to addictive behavior.” The […]

I was on The Huffington Post’s website looking at some stories and came across a very interesting blog about how technology is messing with our mind and body. Below are the physical effects and the mental effects of modern technology. Physical Effects: Staring at your phone all day might wreck your spine. Your phone could […]


Terrie Williams joins Dr. J Thomas Smith on “Sunday Morning Live” at 9:00 (CT) to promote Mental Illness Awareness Week. Stories That Heal, is a website for people living with mental health problems—and their friends and family. You’ll find real-life stories and resources to help in the recovery process. It’s time for us to stand […]