Raising Whitley

During Roland Martin and NewsOne Now’s annual trip to Los Angeles for the NAACP Image Awards, Martin sat down with actress/comedian Kym Whitley for a hilarious, wild, and crazy interview. During the comedic barrage of one-liners and jokes between Martin and Whitley, they were able to sneak in a few moments to talk about all of […]

Comedian and actress Kym Whitley is gearing up for the new season of Raising Whitley, premiering on OWN this Saturday, November 21st, but it’s her new…

In a statement on OWN‘s website, Kym Whitley is set to have her own reality show. The actress and comedian’s show will be called Raising Whitley.  The show will document Kim’s life and a group of her friends — whom she refers to as The Village. Kym was granted custody of baby Joshua — whose mom left him […]